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Shopping on Instagram is now possible in 9 countries

Apr / 2018 by
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Shopping on Instagram is now possible in 9 countries

After proven successful in the United States, Instagram has made its latest Shopping feature available in eight more countries:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

The new Shopping feature allows approved brands to tag their products directly in their pictures. When users click on the tagged item, a detailed product view appears where they can learn more about the product. From there, users can go directly to the company’s page for the corresponding product and purchase the item without having to leave the platform.

How to activate Shopping on Instagram

In order for brands in these nine countries to start tagging their products, they are required to have a Facebook business profile. On Facebook, they need to synchronize their products to the Facebook catalog, detailing the specifics for each product.

When Instagram has gained access to the Facebook catalog, businesses can start tagging products. Brands can tag up to five products in one picture and up to twenty products when using the carousel. For now, it is not possible yet for companies to promote their shopping posts, however Instagram is planning to implement this option soon.

Since its first U.S. launch in November 2017, the feature has provided significant value for businesses:

With one click, our audience can go directly to the product page and add to their cart. Reducing search time and clicks improves conversion and revenue. When we launched the feature, we experienced a 25% increase in traffic and an 8% increase in revenue attributable to shopping on Instagram.

Sharli Lott, SpearmintLOVE

Instagram shopping: A game changer

The shopping feature is a total game changer for business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses, since it removes the necessity of Instagram users to leave the app to purchase items. Before this feature was introduced, Instagram was primarily a tool for companies to increase brand exposure; now, the app will become an easy tool for businesses to sell instantly to a community of more than 800 million users.

Shopping on Instagram also provides great opportunities for companies to optimize their social media strategy. Particularly when it comes to influencer marketing, companies can now get more out of their campaigns. By using influencer content and by having influencers redirect users to their profile, brands can attract new audiences not only to their profiles but also to specific products. Moreover, it will be much easier for companies to measure the impact of influencers on sales.

These benefits prove that especially for fashion brands, it is no longer an option to go digital, but a must. If your brand hasn’t gone digital yet, now is the time to get on board!

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